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6 Meals a Day Menu

I’m sure you’re frustrated with not being able to eat well-balanced meals, or losing out on eating all together, what with your hectic work routine and other day-to-day chores. Remember that when your body receives its daily nutrients, it not only maintains your health, but your waistline. Junk food lovers should know that when they binge on the wrong foods, they convert into fat, depleting your energy levels and killing your ability to stay healthy and fit.

6 Meals a Day Menu Planner

Follow this 6 meals a day diet menu plan, to make sure you’re getting all the minerals and nutrients that your body requires. Following a diet meal plan for weight loss seems like a better way to approach a diet, rather than crash dieting or eating the wrong kind of foods.

The first meal of the day is breakfast, which is a vital part of the six small meals a day menu. Remember that by eating small meals in broken down portions in a day, it will keep your metabolism running constantly, not to mention cancel out on bloating. So breakfast, like I said, is an important part of your diet. Start it with cereal, fruit or eggs (boiled not fried). Substitute fatty content, for non-fat items when it comes to milk and cream. Don’t mix your cereal intake with eggs (eaten with brown bread); opt for a big bowl of fruit and a smaller portion of cereal (whole wheat). Avoid eating bananas, sapodillas and custard apple, because of their high sugar content. Find out which fruits are okay to eat in abundance, and which aren’t.

Snacking on Munchies
If you’re into the habit of drinking coffee, you need to switch to either black coffee or add non-fat milk/cream and stevia (natural sugar) to it. Your second meal of the day is munching on either nuts or sunflower/pumpkin seeds (avoid fatty nuts like groundnuts, pistachios and cashew nuts) or a bowl of either cherries, grapes or orange segments.

Munchies Alternatives for Snack Time
In between munchies during the 6 meals a day diet, you can have green tea with either stevia and a slice of lime to give it a different taste. Avoid more than two cups of coffee in a day (switch to black or use non-fat substitutes), since too much caffeine isn’t good for your body. You can have some non-fat biscuits with sesame seeds sprinkled over them. If you’re fond of eating chocolates, try dark chocolate instead since it is very low in fat, and is also good for your heart (don’t make it a habit though).

For lunch, opt for a healthy meal of grilled salmon, shrimp (go easy on them because of high cholesterol content) or chicken. You can also have a small side dish of salad, loaded with iceberg lettuce, olives, tomatoes and so on. It can be garnished with herbs like basil, parsley, chili flakes, chives or even celeryg for added flavor and texture (you can also use low-fat salad dressing/olive oil to bring everything together). You can have another glass of green tea, since it aids in weight loss, especially cleansing the body from toxins.

Post Lunch Snack Time
After lunch, wait for a good hour and 30 minutes, and snack again on nuts like pine nuts or sunflower seeds, or fruit even.

Evening End Meal
Finally for the six meals a day schedule, the last meal of the day has to be ideally eaten before 8 p.m. Your metabolic rate decreases as evening approaches, so making use of it during the day is essential. Opt for either a mug of green tea and eat low-fat buttered brown toast (2 slices) or a small fruit bowl of watermelon, muskmelon or grapefruit. Avoid mangoes and papaya, since they generate heat from the body, and can be fattening too. Also, drink lots of water during the day, but avoid drinking it in between meals. Keep an hour’s gap in between meals for water intake.

With this menu plan for weight loss, you can count on leading a healthier lifestyle by including foods rich in nutritional substance. You’ll notice a change in your overall body mass, as well as feel energetic and lightweight. Do remember that a little activity everyday can help in cutting down the calories; try brisk walking/jogging for at least 30 minutes everyday, it’ll make a huge impact on your body. Have a healthy tomorrow.


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