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The corporate rut and the frenzy of making it big, leaves little room for health issues, making everyone fight the battle of obesity. It is indeed a lifestyle disease which most of us bring on due to utter negligence towards health. Sadly, it doesn’t stop at weight gain. Obesity, is the underlying cause of many health conditions which can be fatal in the long run. Diabetes, high blood pressure, weak bones, gallstones, heart diseases, fatty liver disorder and several respiratory problems are related to obesity. The only way of dealing with excessive storage of fat is by using it up by following strict obesity exercise plan.

BMI or body mass index calculation will tell you whether you are obese or within the normal weight category. If your BMI measures above 30 kg/m², then you fall under the category of Class 1 obesity. Above 34.9, it is Class 2 obesity till it reaches 40 kg/m², which is termed as morbid obesity. Before you start an exercise routine, it is important to know your body measurements. These will constantly guide you to lose those unwanted inches.

Cardiovascular Exercises
Cardio exercises provide an encouraging start. They are easy to do and they help in burning calories faster too. In the first week, start with the simplest form of cardio exercise of walking. It makes less impact on your knees, shins and the entire lower body, which makes it easy. Initially, start by walking for only 30 minutes in a day. Increase five minutes everyday, till you can walk briskly for an hour each day. In the next week, hit the gym and combine walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes with running on an elliptical. These exercises provide the best workouts. Carry on with these for the two weeks, till you put yourself in an exercising routine.

Weight Training
Cardiovascular exercises raise your metabolism for a short time, but when combined with a weight training session after that it keeps the metabolic activity ticking for a longer time. Thus, to lose weight fast, start with weight training activity in the third week. Break down your weight training exercises into upper body and lower body workout. Your upper body workout will include, two sets of 20 repetitions of low cable row, lateral pulley, decline dumbbell press, lateral dumbbell, dumbbell raises and back extensions. The lower body workout will include, two sets of 20 repetitions of squats, lunges, leg press, calf raises, seated calf raises and leg curls. Make sure you do at least a 30 minutes cardio exercise along with these weight training exercises in the third week and the fourth week.

Resistance Exercises
Exercising bring a monotony. Steer clear from any boredom to get to your goal faster by making a few variations in the exercises. Resistance exercises such as bicycling, trekking, swimming and playing a sport are forms of cardio, but they require your body’s strength and stamina to build its endurance levels. These exercises do not use any equipment or machines to bring about an agility in your body. They are equally effective and cheaper to do. Hence, being a part of such outdoor activities instead of going to the gym in the fifth week, will help you to stay motivated and interested in getting to your goal.

Following this exercise plan for a three months will definitely yield positive results. However, to maintain a fit body, one must also be careful about diet. Your food contributes to your weight in a large way. Thus, strictly avoid carbs, fried food items and all the junk food. Replace these with healthy fiber food, fresh fruits and whole grains. Losing weight isn’t an overnight process, but one that demands dedication to the cause and a wholehearted effort.


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